QFH COAX Feeders


This page last updated 11/12/2023

All my QFH antennas are supplied with a short coax feeder cable protruding from the centre mast. This can be terminated with a range of different RF connectors to suit your needs. I would usually recommend a BNC connector at this point, but other options include a PL-259 or others. If you need an SMA connector, I would suggest the BNC connector and an adaptor, or select one of the coax cable (feeder) options below.


Coax feeder QFH-FEED-1S (small cable in photo above) is a 1-metre feeder made from RG316 low-loss 3mm coaxial cable. It is terminated with a BNC female at one end, and an SMA male on the other. This is ideal for the final connection to your SDR receiver as the lightweight cable prevents strain on fragile SMA connectors.   Price is £10.


Coax feeder QFH-FEED-10B (see photos below) is a 10-metre feeder made from mil-spec coaxial cable. It is terminated with Amphenol BNC crimp-type connectors with gold contacts and these are sealed with adhesive heatshrink sleeving as shown in the photo below.  One end has male connector, one has female, so this is basically a 10-metre extension to the QFH antenna cable at the centre mast. Price is £20.


All coaxial cables are fabricated in-house to the highest standards using proven-quality Amphenol connectors and are tested prior to shipping.

For longer coax cable runs, low-loss feeder suitable for VHF should be used. Please enquire if you need assistance in creating a suitable coax feeder for your installation.

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