This page last updated 07 December 2023.

Thank you for visiting my page. It was created to provide me with more of a personal presence on the web. I hope you find the web address easy to remember. Please feel free to have a look around. I’m constantly updating the pages with Laptops and Desktop computers for sale. You may see my adverts around the web when I have new stock available. Please also have a look at the section on QFH Antennas. Receiving Weather Satellite pictures has been a passion for many years, and formed an important stepping stone towards becoming a Licensed Radio Amateur. It is easier than you think to receive daily weather pictures directly from satellites passing right over your house. More details can be found on the QFH Antennas Page, and the Links page. I am also a keen mobile operator, and you may hear me operating HF, VHF, or UHF bands at many different locations across the UK depending upon where my work takes me.

I hope you enjoy the site, and I welcome any feedback.

Joe Hobbs, M0KDT

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